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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
From the beginning, what I said is, spin-offs and prequels are not gonna be more successful than films with the original cast. I never said anything about losing money.
Then why did you disagree here? I never said stop making Main X Films or spinnoffs are gonna make more then them. I said those films are extra money. And you said no....
Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Which is why you are gonna see alot of X-Men films in the future besides the main team. That's extra money for Fox.

Everything gets adapted nowadays.
Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
No, they are more likely going to make films that really attracts to the casual viewers and those are X-Men team films with the original cast.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And business-wise, its better for them to strive for big successful movies, not low-budget movies like Deadpool that would only gross 50 to 100 million. For First Class movies and the other spin-off teams, that would only gross 200 to 300 million worldwide.
You seem to be implying that Deadpool and FC should not be made cause they wont make as much as a Main Team film. Not just here but in every other X-Men thread, where your much more blunt about it. If that is what you mean, then yeah the studio is missing out on making more money in addition to the main films and that would be bad business when you own over 100 characters. Most of whom have a built in fan base. Your not flat out saying lose money but thats what would happen if those films or any other additional X flicks are not made.The studio will make the most profit with multiple films. Like they are right now with The Wolverine and DofP.

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