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Default Re: TV - Night Nurse

Just gonna leave this here because I have no clue what a Night Nurse is.

So it seems like something the Street level hero community in New York might make use of sometimes, in comics, but I'm doubtful of her prospects as a Primetime TV show.

So, week-to-week, what do her adventures consist of? On ER a lot of time was spent milling about with our Doctors dealing with their stressful jobs, being unbelievably attractive, generally being dramatic about things, and then suddenly a trauma will show up that requires immediate attention. Will it be pretty much like that but the Trauma will be Luke Cage and whatnot? Because it seems like the Medical drama audience will find the Superhero aspect distracting from the "Meat" of the show, and the Marvel fans will regret that they have to see the results of super power fights, and not the super fights. Sounds kind of regrettable on both ends.

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