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Default Re: Should this be the end for Hugh? reboot finally?

if The Wolverine and DOFP does really well then we will see how it goes.

after DOFP and i guess a 3rd First Class film, what would be next?

i'm kinda torn on this. i like hugh jackman as wolverine, but i hate orgins and all the continuity errors in the series. little kids who like the films and don't know the comic or the 90's animated version must really be confused.

i think i hate orgins mostly because they've wasted gambit. they can't ever use his character again. it SUCKS man.

i'm hearing about rumors of apocolypse being introduced in DOFP. there is potential.

they could do something original too by continuing. but i feel after the last first class film. a reboot is necessary.

hugh jackman admitted himself that orgins was not a good film. each his own. But..for the orgins lovers out there, i can't understand what you guys like about orgins.

brian singer said orgins told a story that wasn't interesting. just imagine what could have happened had brian directed orgins. wow!!! that would've been just amazing.

i think the lack of promotion of the wolverine and all these web interviews about how "different" this film hugh's way of saying "hey guys, i'm sorry we screwed up last time...this film is better"

hugh is so well liked and beloved that people are forgiving him for orgins.

but i'm curious about what they're doing this time with DOFP. but i say if reboot happens.

they should do a deal with Marvel and use all new unknown actors.

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