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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

This whole thing has been pretty weird, I'm not even sure, anymore.

I mean there's been plenty of signs that Natasha is all over the movie, and EVC has been gone for some time.

But EVC was announced as playing the female lead. How reliable is Deadline, though?

We had months of reports about ongoing casting, and fair enough, at least two said they didn't know a thing about it, while a third kind of had a role in Iron Man 3, but two actresses did hint there was something to it.

If there is any truth to all those casting rumors, it would seem like a lot of work to cast a small role. I would think they went through all the effort in order to set her up for Cap3, but then, if I was Marvel, I'd probably make it a surprise and keep the casting under wraps.

It's also been said that the movie has lots of twists and turns, and much of the action we've so far seen seems to be early in the movie. Heck, Steve isn't even in costume for any of it.

So I wonder if, perhaps, EVC filmed A LOT of stuff in LA that come into play in the third act, or if Black Widow's role is actually smaller than it looks.

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