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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

Short answer: About on par with Batman Begins, not as good at TDK.

Long Answer: It gives Superman the respect he deserves. There hasn't been a great Superman movie since Superman II and this one delivers on basically every level. The origin story is exciting and helps set up the plot for the rest of the movie. In fact, it helps to generate some hatred for the villain early on without taking away from developing Superman as a likeable character in the second act.

The action is nonstop. The pacing reminds me of Speed. In Speed the audience starts off with ridiculous adrenaline scenes and doesn't stop for two hours. Man of Steel is about the same, except for 2.5 hours. There's really nothing to criticize unless you're hoping for a contemplative reflection on the burdens of being a god among mortals.

It's a paint by the numbers action film that delivers on all fronts.
Although everyone wants to know if this is as good as TDK, the real comparison is Avengers. This film has the scope, energy, and feel of the Avengers and is an obvious answer to their billion dollar blockbuster from last year.

To give you an idea of how good MoS is, I'm actually excited about seeing a MoS sequel instead of jumping right into Justice League. The characters were interesting enough to hold up their own movies and individual story arc.

Go see this one. It's the movie of the summer."

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