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Originally Posted by Supermouse View Post

Just gonna leave this here because I have no clue what a Night Nurse is.

So it seems like something the Street level hero community in New York might make use of sometimes, in comics, but I'm doubtful of her prospects as a Primetime TV show.

So, week-to-week, what do her adventures consist of? On ER a lot of time was spent milling about with our Doctors dealing with their stressful jobs, being unbelievably attractive, generally being dramatic about things, and then suddenly a trauma will show up that requires immediate attention. Will it be pretty much like that but the Trauma will be Luke Cage and whatnot? Because it seems like the Medical drama audience will find the Superhero aspect distracting from the "Meat" of the show, and the Marvel fans will regret that they have to see the results of super power fights, and not the super fights. Sounds kind of regrettable on both ends.
That seems a bit myopic. The lead - the Night Nurse would certainly be tending to the results, but that does not mean the audience would be denied any action or strong character/hero development.

Think of the diagnostic side and the fantastic exposition it could yield. Imagine the Night Nurse having to figure out how to suture or stitch up someone like Cage, who has skin of steel. Imagine her trying to figure out how to take MRIs for someone like Cloak etc...that alone has tension built right into it, especially if there is an element of racing the clock etc.

Look up Night Nurse's involvement with Dr. Strange - she was far from just a pretty face and tool for Bechtel Testing.

I think your thoughts could easily be applied to the "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in that many could say it is just a fancy-pants "21-Jump Street - all angst and drama with no real substance or action".

Give it a little more thought, and do look up the Dr. Strange connection to Night Nurse; and before you jump down my throat, this is not being said in any snarky or confrontational manner. This is supposed to be fun!

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