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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Really?? We do know what happens. There is already a lot of science behind it. Let the real scientists do the thinking instead of assuming things on your own.

Moving near speed of light results in only going FORWARD in time relative to everyone else. You should watch Through the Wormhole to understand why it's not possible to go back in time. Nature doesn't allow it.
Ha Ha.. you're a funny boy, FanBoiii... As far as we know it today, you can't 'physically' travel faster than the speed of light.. you'll require an infinite amount of energy.. you can get close but not exceed.. there's a reason that the speed of light is the limit... Anything beyond that would be lumped into 'the unknown'.. like what happens in a 'blackhole'.. physics as we know it breaks down...

Space/time (the fabric of space / time) on the other hand can in fact expand at rates faster than the speed of light.. so, the only way superman can travel faster than the speed of light is if he somehow can warp space/time.. (like in a warp drive in star trek), at which point, he can theoretically go back and forth in time...

The next time you presume to call someone names, please make sure of your facts...

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