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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

I think the problem is that the ass-kicking superspy female role is being filled by Black Widow, and ScarJo is a much bigger name. There's not thematically much difference between BW and SC.

I also don't buy that BW and Cap will ever get it on--that wonderful, subtle relationship between BW and Hawkeye WILL be explored further in Avengers 2. Bank on it.

They're rewriting these movies constantly and I think as time went on, they realized that thematically, there's no room for Cap to have much of a love interest in the movie. Bucky is his effective love interest. LOL.

(Though I still secretly hold out hope that Hayley is playing Sharon Carter. I am sorry but EVC is a lightweight--a pretty girl with little range or gravitas.)

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