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Default Re: Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,and Polaris

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I'd be as interested in seeing Whedon's takes on Wanda and Pietro as much as Singer's. I've a feeling Marvel might deviate a lot more from source than we might think, because of the success of Iron Man 3 despite its total deconstruction of the Mandarin.

Fox has been a bit late in bringing in Magneto's kids. One good way of getting round the fact they've never been mentioned is to have them as his children in an alternate reality where things turned out differently.

See my main consern is which franchise would properly develop the characters and give them appropriate screen time to justify their inclusion. That would be Avengers. Singer already has a whole lot of characters to juggle and he hasn't had the best track record of giving the supporting characters and particularly the villains much development outside of Magneto. His use of the characters is suspect at best. Whedon on the other hand has already demonstrated a keen sense of balance when approaching an ensemble cast and has expressed interest in featuring them (not simple background characters) in the next Avengers. I would prefer to see the characters get the proper treatment and appropriate screen time and that's something I think Whedon will deliver on more than Singer.

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