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Default Re: Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

Thanks for the support! Lately I've been working on it A LOT. A big reason it's taking a long time is because I completely re-did the story and drawings (still working on it). I'm just making this as a fan, not really expecting anything to come out of it. It's a fantasy Bat-story that I very much wish a movie director or a writer/artist would make.

This probably won't become a popular decision however I completely dropped the "what would Tim Burton do" approach. The reason for that is because Tim is very artistic and seems to believe in the old saying "less is more". I find his universe so fascinating that I kind of have to break away from the "what would Tim Burton do" approach in order to allow myself to fully explore his universe and characters in ways he would never dream of doing. It also gives me the ability to use my own creativity and because of that I believe the final product will be ten times better.

Like I said, Batman III will be exploring the Tim Burton universe in a different level. And, unlike Batman & Batman Returns, the primary focus will be on Bruce Wayne/Batman. The story will very much make up for a lot that we missed out on in Tim Burton's movies. It will also fix several loopholes and it will very much feel like a sequel to Batman & Batman Returns.

The story will be very psychological and it will be darker than the first two acts. I'm a big fan of psychology in all areas, usually it's the only thing I bother to read these days. So I feel that I could use my knowledge to help give this a really neat psychological twist. Because of this (and everything else that I mentioned in this post) I'm actually more excited about the project than I was two years ago.

Right now I'm drawing everything on paper. Once everything is complete I'll scan each of them and draw over the digital versions on a drawing tablet. Then everything will be colored in and put together on photoshop. I'm looking for a decent tablet that will work perfectly for this project.

I'll post several drawings in the next several days. I'm having issues with my scanner but hopefully I'll get it to work soon. One of the drawings I'll definitely post is one of Batman's new vehicles. It's going to be called Batwing II. It's a new and improved version of the original Batwing. It definitely has more of an upgraded look.

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