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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

I do have to give credit to The Amazing Spider-Man over Batman Begins in one area, which is the portrayal of the character. Even though Batman Begins is far better film than The Amazing Spider-Man, TASM is a better portrayal of the character of Spider-Man than Batman Begins is a portrayal of the character of Batman.

Now don't get wrong. I am not saying that BB is an inaccurate portrayal. In fact, I think both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are both great adaptations that really do justice to Batman, more than any other live-action portrayal of Batman so far. However, there is more to an adaptation than just the protagonist alone. The main reasons why I consider BB and TDK to be great Batman movies are because of the messages and statements made about Batman, the themes addressed, the depiction of the villains, the depiction of the supporting cast, Batman's relationship with his villains and with his supporting cast, the portrayal of Gotham, the story influences from the comics, etc. When it comes to the Batman character himself, he is arguably the weakest thing about the films out of all the things they adapted. He is not the world's greatest detective nor is he anywhere on par with some of comic book Batman's other skills, including Batman's overall intelligence. Bale's performance was also not an ideal performance of Batman. He did a great job but he is not to Batman what RDJ is to Iron Man or what Christopher Reeves is to Superman or what Andrew Garfield is to Spider-Man. These are all examples of perfect castings that nailed it all the way done to the core while Bale almost made it there but never fully crossed the finish line (something true about all the actors that played Batman in live-action so far). One of the aspects that Bale could've captured better was Batman's intimidating presence and the intelligent calculative vibe you're supposed to get by hearing Batman's voice. Batman's fighting skills could have also been better. People often say that Nolan's Batman is a very watered down Batman and to an extent, that is true. Does this mean Nolan's version of Batman was bad? No. He still had many important aspects of the Batman character incorporated into him. However, that was always the thing that separated the Nolan films from Batman TAS: the Nolan films (at least the first two) were very well done adaptation of Batman while Batman TAS was a perfect-or-at-least-as-close-to-perfect-as-possible adaptation of Batman.

On the other hand, The Amazing Spider-Man was by no means the ideal Spider-Man movie for me but it gave me a spot-on portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his supporting cast even though it does have a few script issues and pacing issues. It set the potential for future films really high.

To sum it all up....
Chris Nolan gave me the Batman movies I always wanted but did not give me the Batman that I always wanted.
Marc Webb gave me the Spider-Man I always wanted but has yet to give me the Spider-Man movie that I always wanted.

How I rate movies:
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