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Default Re: Should this be the end for Hugh? reboot finally?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I think some of these people will find an excuse on why FOX shouldn't move forward with the original cast after DOFP is released. And everytime I bring up the Fast/Furious comparison, they can't say anything about it because they can't deny how the comeback of the original cast of FF helped the stalling movie series.

And they could definitely do something new with the altered present. Introduce new villains, new characters, give the other characters more development and story, give the films a bigger scope. Like seriously there's hundreds of storylines that they could adapt into film.
But it's kind of a minor issue that most of the main X-Men are dead isn't it?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Uhm, it was.
Oh ok, can't argue with that. Your compelling arguments have convinced me.

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