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Default Am I the only one....

Who really liked Iron Man 2?

I don't know why, it just clicked for me. I loved it's smallish scale, and sort of gentle pace. I don't know why, but I just really enjoyed the section from Vanko's first defeat to when Tony creates the element. Just him goofing off, partying, then learning the revelation of his father, and creating the element....I just really liked that.

I thought Vanko and Justin were pretty cool villains, not great by any long shot, but this film really isn't about the villains.

And I LOVE the ending battle. So awesome with Tony and Rhodey teaming up. I dare say it's the best third act of the Iron Man movies.

So, as it's been at least 3 years since it came up, have you guys warmed up to this film? Do you now kinda see it as underappreciated? i sure do.

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