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Default Re: Should this be the end for Hugh? reboot finally?

Originally Posted by TheJediBrah View Post
What about Professor? And surely resurrecting Jean would be a bit silly.

I can see it with Cyclops though, technically we never saw him die.
They are explaining in DOFP why Professor X is back. And even if they don't bring back Cyclops and Jean Grey, they would probably include new members to the team like they did in the previous movies. In DOFP, it looks Warpath, Bishop and Blink might be joining the modern-day X-Men. And even if they don't include new members to the team, they could just focus on Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Colossus, Shadowcat and Iceman as an individual and a team.

There's seriously hundreds of possibilities by moving forward to the present time with the modern-day X-Men.

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