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Bottom-line is, they should just release films that will attract to the general audience the MOST. They shouldn't settle for $50 to $150 million domestic gross or $100 to $300 million domestic gross while they could earn more money with films that features the original cast.

If you think a Deadpool movie, a X-Force movie, another First Class movie w/o the original cast would be more successful that the original trilogy. Then go ahead. But given by the box-office numbers of Origins/First Class, its unlikely that these spin-offs film can outgross X3.

And even if you bring this excuse of giving these spin-offs a smaller budget, its not enough. Do you think producers are going to be satisfied with a $50 million budget to make a quality and expensive-looking movie. Making movies are expensive and if you think making these action/superhero movies with a budget less than $100 million is easy in today's standards, then you are wrong because if you are right, then why aren't most studios doing this and why do they have to spend at least $150 million per movie.

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