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Originally Posted by def28 View Post
What are you not getting here?

More X films will make Fox additional millions then just releasing one film. No one is debating the Main team will make more money then those films. Because they will.

I could care less if you agree with me at this point, but your failure to at least understand my pov is ridiculous. 3 X movies released by Fox in 3 years will make the studio more then one would, do the math.
Seriously? additional millions? Like as if they aren't spending money and time to make these movies and the general audience won't get tired of seeing a new X-men spin-off every year. Thats why most movie series have a 2 to 3 years gap between their movies, so the series won't face oversaturation.

And again, these movies aren't like comic-books and the X-Men universe isn't MCU. Be realistic.

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