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Gosh, imagine if the X-Men franchise released a new movie (including spin-offs) every year since 2000. There wouldn't be excitement anymore! And the general audience wouldn't even care anymore to watch more X-Men films, and it won't matter how good they are because its just overkill to release 10 X-Men films in 10 years. Not all people are going to pay for a ticket and go to a theater to watch a new X-Men movie year and the thing is X-Men is NOT even the biggest movie series ever! Its not even included in the top ten most successful movie series! This is just ridiculous if you think its a good idea. Based on what you are trying to say (3-X-Men movies in 3 years equals to more millions), you totally think releasing movies is similar to releasing a comic-book issue every month.

Even the Harry Potter movie series (which had same characters over and over, thanks for pointing that out Def28) had a 2 year-gap for some of their movies and they didn't bother to release a spin-off movie.

This series needs a straight / clear direction not different directions. They shouldn't release a movie that features the original cast this year, then next year a prequel, then 2 years later, a spin-off movie for a smaller character, then 3 years later a film for a new team. Its better and easier to just stick with 1 cast, then make sequels with them. This series already went to the prequels and spin-offs phase. Did it improve the popularity of the X-Men compare to the original trilogy? Definitely not.

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