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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by MarvelStudios77 View Post
To say the least, I was dissappointed in Weldon's attempt at Thor in Avengers....

First off Thor would Totally Crush Iron Mans Tech, he was clearly holding back in that fight.

I think Thor could destroy the Hulk rather easily as well if he used his entire powerbase against him....but Weldon made it seem like the Hulk could take Thor in the Avengers.

And When Thor strikes Caps Sheild with that blow, it should have shattered every bone in Steve Rodgers body....

Thor is the Mighty Avenger for a reason !!
Nuff said.
Well what kind of film would it be if Thor just laid the smack down on everyone without them putting up a good fight. The Avengers is a "team film" not a Thor film, I think they did a good just of treating each hero with respect.

Thor crushed IM's gauntlet bare handed, went toe to toe with Hulk and caught his punch, and you can't forget the huge lighting attack in NY.

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