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Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
First time I saw this movie I left underwhelmed. I didn't think it was terrible but I never again felt the need to see it. I, nevertheless, saw it last week. And it's nothing I can like. Problem is that they got a villain with an actor such as Mickey Rourke (even when he kept doing this 'evil' toothpick chewing thing) and when they had properly introduced it... they kept him out of action for the rest of the movie, leaving Iron Man with little to do and the movie with little tension. Which led to an absurd fight against Rhoady, in which we knew no one's life was in serious danger, stripping one of Iron Man's action scenes off of any true urgency. Of course the final encounter was good, but it was too late for me to start caring again.

Iron Man was a great movie. Great. But the only Iron Man sequel which shows iron man in his glory is "The Avengers."
See, the thing is I LIKED the little tension in the movie. The movie was just really relaxing, focusing on mostly internal conflict. This is a movie I love to pop in for the background while working, for example.

One of my favorite sequence in all these Marvel movies is from the Doughnut shop to the Stark Expo finale, where it's just Tony talking to Fury, building stuff, and figuring things out. I love when there isn't much going on, because Tony is such an interesting character anyways.

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