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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

i can see it now, in the future the Xmen are fighting sentinels each being killed off screaming for help from wolverine whose for some reason owning the sentinels, he then realises the only way to save them is to travel back in time so he travels back to the 70s and gets help from young Xaviers to find.. whatever it is wolverine is looking for and then young Xavier says he can't go alone and logan is all nah i'm good and leaves and things happen, he meets magneto for abit and saves the day and travels back to future where the Xmen are like thank you wolverine and jean is back but cyclops isn't having died in the new timeline also and logan and jean share a look of sexual tension from the distance then end credits with the end credit scene being apocalypse looking at logan on a monitor and looking worried

i'm just joking around if anyone hasn't guessed by now =P

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