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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 5

Originally Posted by JP View Post
But there is no reason for Kitty to time travel. It served a purpose in the comic but that purpose is non-existent since Kitty does not exist in the 70s.
you know physical travel could be used, right?

Bishop travelled physically on the 90's tv show, Blink could create universe portals, they could add time travel to her if they wanted it.

And not having a new girl on the 70's yet is a decent reason to make a x-girl to time travel.

And when you have a talented actress like Ellen Page playing the character that had a pivotal role on the storyarc, well... feels like a wasted oportunity.

Ellen Page working with McAvoy, Hoult, Jackman and then Fassbender and Lawrence sounds like a really good idea to not use it.

Of course there will always be fans that dont care about Kitty or Ellen Page... but thats another issue.

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