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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
that would be a satisfying momment for the Wolverine haters, to see him get killed by a sentinel, lol.

even if he appears again some minutes later on the 70s, at least his death is a pleassing momment, and not only for his haters, but as a nod to the comic.
Then the rest of the returning cast needs to die as well or the film would not be doing Wolverine or the comic justice. The comic made a point of making Wolverine the one of the last surviving X-Men. The iconic cover clearly illustrates that he was the only X-Man to not be Slain or Apprehended.

With that being said, if Wolverine is not killed off in the beginning of the movie then it only makes sense that he would be the time traveler. In the comic Kitty was chosen to mind swap with her younger self because she has just recently joined the X-Men and not yet been trained to guard herself against telepathic attacks.

Since this idea was never introduced in the films it would not exclude Wolverine from being the time traveler.

Bryan was also influenced by the 90's animated series which in their adaption Wolverine was supposed to physically travel to the past. At the last minute he changed places with Bishop because Bishop and Forge decided Wolverine was too old.

In the movie verse Wolverine ages much more slowly than depicted in the original comic or in the animated series so his age would not exclude him from being a candidate for time travel either.

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