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Thats why I also suggested that in X-Men 5, they need to change the focus of the series - and it should be on the X-Men team and give the other characters more character development.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Its something not so many fans understand. Its all about HOW the studios and directors/writers portray the characters. Not about the comics and how they work at all.

NONE knew what was an Avatar. And just after the first movie, soooooooooo many people love them. Why? because James Cameron did an awesome job with them, with good moments/scenes and of course really cool action scenes.

Thats exactly what Fox and directors have to do, do an awesome job with other characters to make the general audience fall in love with all the x-men, not just Wolverine.
And you probably think the best way to showcase this is to do it in a spin-off movie or a prequel movie?

I don't. They could do this in X-Men 5 as long as they get a good writer/director and if they don't focus on Wolverine all the time, I've said that a couple of times.

And like I said before, people just wants to see a good and entertaining film, but at the same time, if FOX/the producers really want their films to have the best chance for success, they have to do films with the cast that really appeals to the general audience. We all know, the original trilogy cast did better than Origins/First Class and soon The Wolverine at the box-office. So it would be a good idea, if they continue with the cast that had the most success at the box-office and if they get the X-Men 5 film so right, it would be very successful.

I can't say that to Deadpool, First Class 3, Wolverine 3, New Mutants, even if they are the best thing ever, they wouldn't still outgross X3. And don't even compare them to Avatar, Avatar was not a D-list property from a comic-book series, it was the 1st movie in the series, it was not a spin-off and it doesn't fall under the other movie series unlike with First Class 3, Deadpool, Wolverine, New Mutants which are all going to fall under the X-Men brand/category.

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