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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Okay I got a few things to mention dealing with Elfman today. First off I want to give a Happy Belated 60th Birthday to Mr. Danny Elfman, who's birthday was two Tuesdays ago. I wasn't able to post up here on that day b/c one of the administrators, who seriously needs to resign from that gig b/c this is the third time he banned me for an inane reason, temporarily banned me for a little over a week for an absurd reason, imo . This guy obviously has some sort of beef with me. Anyways it's amazing that Elfman's 60 he doesn't act his age. That's not an insult either.

Second, these past couple of days I've been listening to Elfman's SLP. That score is very addictive, imo. It might have to do with it being 20 minutes long, but for some reason I've been having the urge to listen to this score every morning. I don't know why. I guess the score motivates me to take on the rest of the day no matter how rough it gets. And though I haven't done it myself. The score can also be good jogging music especially during the morning like Cooper's character does in the film.

I also wanted to share this...

Man do I envy those who get to go to this concert in London this November I believe. Hopefully it gets released on a pressed CD. I would love to hear Elfman's new arrangements of his scores to Burton's films. It definitely will be intriguing to hear a matured Elfman take on his older scores, where he was still learning as a film composer at that time.

The next two videos are courtesy of pauldael's YT channel. I appreciate him for finding and sharing these rare never before seen videos of Elfman at these events.

Here's a video of Elfman and his daughter at the Scream 2 premiere back in '97' obviously. You can't hear anything b/c it's muted for some reason. He wrote a piece in the film called "Cassandra Aria". The music took place during the scene where Sidney was on stage rehearsing a scene with her theater class and she either sees or is hallucinating Ghostface terrorizing her. Always wondered how Elfman got involved in Scream 2. It's never brought up of why or how he was brought in or offered to score that one sequence.

The next video Elfman was at the 67th Venice Film Festival back in 2010. And towards the end you hear Elfman speak French or Italian in the video, which was cool. Didn't know Elfman knew that language. The man's full of surprises.

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