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Default Re: Question about characters

Originally Posted by ferpuerto17 View Post
I have a question, if someone can answer it that would be great

If both studios Marvel and Fox have the rights to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch because they have both been in the Avengers and in the X-Men, then what is stopping Marvel from using other characters that have been part of the Avengers like Spidey, Wolverine, Beast, Namor, the FF, Sandman, and Storm

They have all been in the Avengers' roster. Also could Fox use Ms. Marvel?
As said before, it's not really based on who appeared where, it's based on the contracts signed back in the 90s when Marvel was in money trouble. There were lists of characters, generally ones we'd expect to go together. Spider-Man came with all his villains and supporting cast. FF with theirs. X-Men with pretty much all the mutants except, so far as we know, three: Dazzler, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch, those last two were on a very short list of 'either can use them.' We don't know who else was on that list, but it can't be many. I suspect we'd see mutants like Justice and Firestar and Squirrel Girl on there, and not much more.

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