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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

I recently saw STM after a long long while from beginning to end. I did it in order to make a proper comparison between this version (STM and SII) and the upcoming Man of Steel movie.

I have to say that I had better memories of it than the impression I had yesterday. While the origin part is solid (basically when the movie takes itself seriously), the campiness brought by Luthor and co. truly hurt the film. And badly so. If at the very least they had been funny. I don't mind the bumbling Clark that Reeve so wonderfully created, but that plus Luthor didn't mix well and turned the second half into a mess that's only saved by the presence of Reeve's Superman, naive but brave and noble. All of which made me realize that the movie runs out of themes and cohesion. It's only at the end that Superman is brought back to both his Kryptonian and earthly roots when he decides to change human history (violating the Kryptonian mandate given to him by his Kryptonian father) in order to revive Lois Lane (triumphing where he had failed before, with his earthly father Jonathan). But between his first apparition (helicopter scene) and this point, it is little what the movie has to say about the character and his story. Other than he is super-powerful and Lois falls in love with him. This latter point that would only bear fruit in the sequel.

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