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Default Re: Question about characters

Originally Posted by lozzy.94 View Post
Can anyone explain why Dazzler is in a joint rights, shes not an Avenger and was always strictly an X-men character? I mean it would make more sense for Beast to be shared due to the fact that he has a lot of history with the Avengers.
Daz didn't start out as an X-man. She was simply someone who could change sound into light and teamed up alot. See like I said Dazzler was a different type of Property for Marvel, they created her for actual LIVE concerts and it fell through.
It was sort of the same idea as G.I.Joe, Thundercats, Rom and Micronauts but instead of toys aimed at boys, it was a female disco star for the girls.
There's more to Dazzler than just being a mutant

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