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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by Spider-Who? View Post
I think I get what the op is trying to say, and if I understand him correctly, then I agree.

Does everyone recall the block sorting toy nearly every baby has? Where you have to fit different shaped blocks into their corresponding holes? The rectangle block goes in the rectangle hole, the triangle block goes in the triangle hole, etc. If we were to look at each marvel character as different shaped blocks, then their corresponding holes would be that character's "world" (not just the physical world, but the tone, athestic language and boundaries of what is considered "plausible", etc). Each movie/block fits nicely within its world/hole, because each character is different, and it requires different things of its respective world.

The problem is that in wanting to create a unified cinematic world, Marvel is trying to fit squares, triangles, and ovals into a circular hole. By trying to coalesce these distinctly separate and individual films/blocks into one hole, they lose their individuality; the language and concepts and boundaries that allows each character to fit nicely within their own respective "holes" are being squeezed and contorted. What we're left with are cookie-cutter films, whose uniqueness has been sacrificed two-fold: once in order to fit it within the over-arching Marvel Universe, and a second time because the filmmakers have a difficult time marrying the unique needs of the character with the restrictions imposed by this unified world.

Now, I do enjoy the marvel films, and am very fond of IM3 (I love Shane Black), but I would be lying if I said I did not feel that the overall quality, risks, etc of the Marvel films seem less than what they could be - they seem forced into fitting a single circle (Marvel Universe) hole. Marvel needs to rethink its strategy - when trying to fit different shaped blocks into a circular hole, it's far easier to enlarge the circle hole, than to force I'll-fitting blocks in. Marvel needs to allow the individual movies to carve their own paths instead of sacrificing their quality for the sake of the occasional team up film.
You really think Marvel isn't taking risks, or allowing filmmakers to individualize each film? From what I see of Phase II, Marvel has gone the *opposite* direction from cookie-cutter films. Shane Black's Iron Man has a very different vibe from Jon Favreau's; Alan Taylor's Thor is very different in look and tone than Branagh's; and so far, from set pics, CATWS is a very different beast from CATFA. And it goes without saying that GOTG and Ant-Man are two of the biggest risks Marvel Studios has ever gambled on.


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