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Default Re: Dwayne Johnson is Like Cage?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
He said too likeable. So, apparently we shouldn't like Luke Cage?

I didn't see where it says Rock makes 20 Mil a picture, though. I'm sure he can ask for a big amount at this point, but I'm not sure he's that guy that doesn't show up unless he makes X.
20 mil is what he got for Scorpion King...his star has gotten bigger he is either still at 20 mil or getting more since he has been in some big movies...also it is not outrageous to think he may drop his price for a role he may want to this point I'd like to see how the negotiations for the Avengers goes before anything else.
For some perspective...Hemsworth's status is nowhere near Johnson's is and he got 5mil for Snow white

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