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I don't have to be somebody to predict that spin-offs will not be as successful as the original trilogy. There's only few spin-off movies that did better than the original series at the box-office. Its a writing on the wall, that the first two spin-offs/prequels that were released, didn't make more money than the original trilogy. It looked like they both outgrossed X1 but when you adjust the ticket's price, they didn't. And right now, it looks The Wolverine will follow the trend of X-Men spin-off movies not outgrossing the original trilogy.

Of course, they shouldn't expect that every X-Men movie should be the highest grossing X-Men film to date. I'm not even sure if a X-Men 5 movie would outgross DOFP. But they should focus on films w/c has the most chance for success. You know another film with original cast is going to do better than a third First Class film, you even have a Twitter campaign but you are still insisting that they should make a third First Class film.

Most of you think releasing another spin-off movie is a good idea. But seriously, you go out of this board and ask people if they want are more interested in seeing another spin-off movie than seeing another movie with the original cast.

And no, you shouldn't just except that the movie WILL be very successful just because of the director, cast, how epic the movie looks and the marketing. We all know that its not enough especially with FOX's marketing skills right now. First Class had a good cast and director and it still ended up as the lowest grossing X-Men film.

And Thor is different to a X-Men spin-off, simply because its not a spin-off movie and it didn't come from an on-going movie series. Like seriously, if they release a spin-off for one of the characters from Thor, it wouldn't outgross Thor. Its the same case with X-Men or any superhero film series.

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