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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by roach View Post
my take is this...I like MOS and I plan on being there thursday night to see it but you can't really throw around realistic or grounded in a movie about Superman...sure they can say its more about the world Superman is in but which Superman movie didn't take place in a similar world to ours?
Wait for it...somebody is gonna take a long, hard tug at the straws with this one.

I've said it in another thread earlier today, but realism is not a selling point for a feature film. In and of itself, it doesn't make a film superior, but in the case of this genre we're all fond of, what you said is spot on - there isn't much realism in the first place, despite what the producers try to hammer into our brains.

I feel like it's as much of a cop out to praise a movie by lauding its realism as it is to criticize another film for its 'campy, cheesy, humor'

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