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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
Wait for it...somebody is gonna take a long, hard tug at the straws with this one.

I've said it in another thread earlier today, but realism is not a selling point for a feature film. In and of itself, it doesn't make a film superior, but in the case of this genre we're all fond of, what you said is spot on - there isn't much realism in the first place, despite what the producers try to hammer into our brains.

I feel like it's as much of a cop out to praise a movie by lauding its realism as it is to criticize another film for its 'campy, cheesy, humor'
The thing is they treat the GA as if they are morons....let's be honest is anyone gonna walk out of MOS because he is an alien or he flies??? If I go see a movie called Godzilla i am expecting there to be giant monsters in it.

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