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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by Mulholland '49 View Post
Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post

(click image for HQ version)

Cheap little Teaser wallpaper inspired by Nicholas Hoult's bike.

Damn, I thought it was real when I scrolled down!

Looks good though.

lol Thank you Muholland. Hopefully we'll have the real one out soon

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
love it, Illuminata!! Looks official!

reminds me of the X1 one, but more elegant

Thanks Angamb. Its sort of cheap because Nicholas Hoult has the official logo on his bike (although faded out) so I had some sort of conceptual to work from. I just added the "SuperNova" because I felt like the time travel always involves some sort of cosmos/supernoval effect.

I'm thinking now that I have the logo laid out I can work around it and do something more.

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