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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 3

Originally Posted by LoserJBo View Post
Every time I order something from Amazon with the release date guarantee it usually ships out late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

What I don't understand is they cannot do release day guarantee if you ship it to a Amazon Locker. Only if you ship it to a physical address. Was looking in to it because I will be in line on Tuesday for an advanced screening of MOS in IMAX 3D and so wanted to get there early. Packages usually don't get delivered to my house until late. But there was an Amazon Locker close to the theater so I thought I could ship it there and pick it up and listen to the Headphone:X tracks while waiting in line. But Amazon said it would not arrive in time (would arrive Wednesday) so I just ended up shipping to my house.

just checked, and Amazon has it, but it hasn't shipped yet. Hopefully it will arrive Tuesday

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