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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Cops are actual people too. take that back!

And there were people who were on Bane's team who believed they were fighting for a better Gotham as well.
But do they matter? We never see them and their struggles. it might as well be nonexistent.

The brother of that kid who Blake knew at the orphanage had worked for Bane, and so did Catwoman.
You mean the kid we see dead at the beginning? He wouldn't be much of a help in taking back the city unless his spirit can be physically summoned or something.

In a way, The League of shadows believed that they were doing a good thing and making a difference.
But since we don't see their struggles, they might as well be evil. Can you imagine if TDK didn't actually show the struggles of the people in the boat that the Joker threatened? There would be no reason to be anything other than apathetic to them, like I am totally apathetic to the LOS member's supposed humanity.

There is a point being made by Bane's making ordinary citizens memebers of his organization. Its like in BB, there is Batman taking the law into his own hands. In TDK, Batman and a couple of copycats taking the law into their own hands. Then in TDKR, the whole city takes the law into their own hands.
Not the whole city. Just the cops and the exceptional (Bas, Gordon, Blake, Catwoman), and the downtrodden, the ordinary middle class (it seemed) were cowering in their holes. You actually see them crawl out of there at the start of the ending montage.

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