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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I have to admit, it would have been cool to see Gordon be the guy chalking the bat symbols.
The way TDKR portrayed him, it seemed like Gordon tried to handle things himself. He tried to continue when Batman left him, and then tries to continue when Batman leaves again(this time due to Bane). I would've preferred to see how Gordon really feels about both times of Batman leaving, especially the second time during the siege. Sadly, it was only Blake that tried to keep hope out there that Batman would return and would come back, even if he necessarily didn't believe it(as he mentioned to Captain Jones).

Same time, Blake and Talia kind of go hand in hand for me as they're the two "legacy" characters in the film.
Good point, but I also never had a huge problem with both characters. Imo, Talia could have had more time, but I wouldn't want too much because I think her character should be mysterious until we find out that Miranda is Talia al Ghul. If anything, she should have had more time after the reveal. And with Blake, him going through his own journey with his views on guns, his change of stance towards the law/system and then finally being a hero himself and gaining the entrance to the Batcave.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Any positive discussion about TDKR should be welcomed, especially by you, Anno.
Well yes, positive discussion is always welcome, but I tried to get my mind on other things last night(such as when I was watching Prometheus again), but I kept thinking about the Bane/Talia discussion from earlier, lol.

the ultimate collector's edition better have something good. Another Gotham Tonight featurette would certainly be welcomed by me.

It would be very special as a extra ending to TDKTrilogy just as how LOST had a special video ending in the form of all the secrets of Dharma being revealed.

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