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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I think you're overreacting about the word of mouth at this point. It never matters what the word of mouth is at this point. This is pre-production. People were pissed when Heath Ledger was announced as the joke. People were pissed when Keaton became Batman.

You know what changes people's minds? A trailer. If the movie looks good, interests people, and gets good reviews, very few people are going to care what the race of Johnny Storm is.
I'm really not overreacting at all (honestly I've become pretty "meh" about this whole issue)....I just know from history of this franchise what the internet "word of mouth" can do. Honestly, at this point, doesn't matter to me personally who they cast, I'm going to make up my own mind on their performance when I see the movie. I just think that setting yourself up for fanboy backlash with an already floundering franchise, is pretty stupid. That's all....

It's apples and oranges using movies from different "internet eras" to compare anything, hell the internet has changed since 2004 and 2007. There are far more sites, far more people seeking out trailers, talk, etc on the internet than ever before.

The only thing, IMO, that can turn that around is an UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE from MJB, and although I'm sure he will do a fine job, I don't necessarily see it as going to be SO GOOD, that it would have out shined another choice that not only looks the part from the comic, but also acts the part.

As I said, not a major deal for me personally....if he does a good job, then great. Just seems to be an unnecessary change, and nothing more.


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