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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I'm not gonna lie, if we could see Bale return as Batman in at least a WF film, alongside Cavill as Supes, I'd lose it. Continuity be damned.
If Batman received his trilogy and Superman received his trilogy with no expanded universe being connected to either of them, I would be totally fine with a World's Finest film of Bats and Supes with no continuity whatsoever, as that's something I would always be fine with in a WF film, but if both would be connected in an expanded universe, then it's appropriate to have continuity.

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
That's definitely the approach that I can think of IF they want to integrate Nolan/Bale's Batman in JL or WF. Although I think I will like it more if Selina is not fully domesticated. I just can't see her that way. Maaayyybe, she doesn't want to join in because she's over it and being a hero is a one time thing for her but of course she'll end up helping out (maybe to steal something from LexCorp) or something like that. I don't know...
Agree that that would be the best way to go about it if they integrate the two and keep in continuity(plus, I think there should be more than one thing as to why Bruce takes on the cape and cowl once more...being bored of a normal life even when he thought it would be for the best, and then after the man who took the mantle of The Batman having died in battle), but the reason I think Selina should be the more domesticated one is that she was a thief for so long and only became a hero for like a day. With that, I think Selina could definitely be the one to ease into a comfortable mold, especially if she becomes a mother, but that's just me, lol.

As well as, I think this would be a nice idea storytelling wise of Bruce Wayne having two different paths now because he has a life outside of Batman, but he's bored of the normal life as well as wanting to get vengeance over Blake's death. It's the next evolutionary step of a man who tried to move on. If this were to happen, I don't think there should even be another Batman film, at least for a while until WB reboots their DC expanded universe(as I'm sure Marvel Studios will do one day as well). Nolan's trilogy is complete, so move on to the next phase of Blake's Batman being killed and Bruce returns back to the game in dealing with Darkseid and then has a choice to stay with the JL or go back to Selina. And then for a Justice League 2, Joker could make his return in a fashioned way where Batman returns again(as there needs to be something important for Bruce to come back as Batman again).

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