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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
The problem with this franchise is that it does one thing to death until it's played out. Marvel Studios is exploring new ideas like Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther - and it IS also doing a spin-off with the SHIELD TV series. Fox needs to do the same.

You need to expand your thinking a bit. For years we've been told that certain costumes, characters and settings were far too fantastical for X-Men, that their powers and looks had to be toned down. And then along came Marvel and showed that all that fantastical stuff could work. Marvel has confidence in the material whereas Fox is too restrained and too worried about it all the time. They need to think bigger. Millar said the X-Men universe was as big as the MCU - so let's see the evidence.

All it needs is good writing and good directing and for the studio to be a bit more adventurous rather than keeping a lid on the X-Men. Let them soar, let them be epic!
MCU is not similar to X-Men. Just because X-Men's universe is as big as MCU, it doesn't mean they carry as many films as MCU.

You haven't been reading some of the posts in this thread, so I will say it again. At least the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Inhumans can be seen in a different category even if they appear in The Avengers, they wouldn't fall under the category of Iron Man films, the category of Captain America films, the category of Thor films. But Deadpool, Wolverine, First Class, New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force all falls under the X-Men category and thats why it would have an effect to the future X-Men movie releases if they don't perform well at the box-office. And knowing FOX, they would certainly let the viewers know that they are spin-off movies from the original X-Men series. With MCU, even Guardians of the Galaxy and their movies bombed at the box-office, it wouldn't have an effect on future Iron Man/Avengers movies.

And I bet, if Marvel Studios has the movie rights for the X-Men/Fantastic Four, they would just focus on releasing films with the team like X1, X2, X3, FF1, FF2, FF3 and once in 3 to 2 years, they would appear in The Avengers and have small cameos in the other film. But I doubt they will release a lot of spin-offs like FOX already did with the X-Men series.

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