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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
Bane standing up in the sewers as his men bring him Commissioner Gordon.

Instead of looking muscular and ripped, he just looked really fat.
If I remember correctly, they made Javier Bardem grow some body fat for his naked scene in No Country, so he looked "creepier" as a result.
I wonder if something similar was going on with Bane, as well - after all, Tom Hardy did look genuinely ripped in Warrior, so he probably could've done that again.

Either way, intentional or not, his "fat" look (still with muscles underneath obviously) in that scene certainly worked that way for me - still very imposing and threatening, but also rather creepy and unsettling.
It's not like you're just afraid he might smash you with his abs - you literally want to get the **** away, as far as possible

Wonder if that would've worked as well with a Warrior look instead...

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