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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
It shouldn't snap his back in half because we see the same thing happen to another prisoner and he seemed find when they pulled him back down to his feet.
Well that one should've been snapped as well, then

I mean I'm not an expert in this so I don't know the details, but I'm pretty sure if you fell from such a height and then were stopped abruptly after already gaining considerable speed and inertia... things might turn out a bit messier than they did in this movie.
But then again who cares - it's an escapist film, and the body showing higher resilience in those than it might in real life is a rather common occurrence

I mean Bruce did look rather... struck... as a result of that, even lost consciousness I think, so they did convey what the movie/genre called for.

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