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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Thanks! From the sound of it, a version of the trailer might even be ready for The Wolverine, which makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint. It would be even better if they could ready it for showing with The Lone Ranger (another Disney film) or Pacific Rim since those films hit the same demographic. Whenever Marvel releases the trailer, it can't come soon enough.
You're welcome! (props to Eliza72)

It'll be a tough slog till August - although I did see this same person drop a little hint in answer to another person's request for more info:

Anonymous asked: please, do you have an exact date for the trailer/s? Q.Q

I don’t sorry not yet anyway! But no doubt someone will leak it on YouTube soon as a lot of small house cinemas like ours have been sent tester trailers and asked not to show it until August!
The trick is to swoop in and get a peek before Marvel censors pull the plug. We're such an impatient lot.

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