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Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
you pretty much wont accept what people are sayin to you because its not what you personally want and we know what you personally want because your always sayin it and keep repeatin the same argument over and over and what you say is actually very one minded and flawed.
You can keep saying its very-one minded and flawed but I do have points why its better to just continue the original series than to release a couple of spin-off movies again.

There aren't a lot of spin-offs that did better than the original series. FOX already released 2 and next month, it will be 3, and none of them did better than the original trilogy at the box-office. Why release a 4th one when they could earn so much more with a film that features the original cast especially now that they managed to bring them back in DOFP. They could have another string of films with them and have similar success with the Fast/Furious movie series.

Its not just what I want, but I'm thinking whats best for the series. This series should not just cater for what the fan boys want but they should target the interest of the general audience first. Fanboys will watch the movie no matter what, the general audience wont. So far, X-Men is the only superhero movie series that made three spin-off movies. A 4th one and a 5th one would be a stretch and I believe the more spin-offs that they released, there's more possibility that the mainstream audience won't care about the movie franchise. The other superhero movie series out there aren't prioritizing in making spin-off movies because they probably know they wouldn't earn more money and the spin-off movie wouldn't earn more interest. So FOX should do the same thing. Maybe if they go back to basics, more people will care about the X-Men movies and it would be on people's radar just like it was back in 2003/2006.

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