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Default Re: Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
This sounds like such a cool idea. This really appeals to that confused 6 year old in me that was left hanging waiting for a true sequel to Batman Returns.

I also think you're making the right call to be a little more free about what you explore in the story. Sam Hamm and Daniel Waters delivered two very different screenplays with very different styles. This isn't like Nolan's universe where there's a specific style of writing for each film, so I think as long as you stay true to Burton's visual style,*it'll feel like a natural extension of that universe.

I'm also not sure what the legalities are since it's copyrighted characters and such, but I would totally buy a print of it when it's done if you made it available. It'd be a cool thing to put on the shelf.
Thanks man. There isn't going to be any issues because the digital graphic novel will be offered for free. Honestly I'm making this for myself, I always wanted to see a third act that takes place in Tim Burton's Batman universe. However I'm inviting the public to check it out, hoping that they will find it as entertaining as I did.

Batman III will very much stay true to the Burton visuals. Gotham will look like a combination of the city from Batman and Batman Returns. Wayne Manor will be the same as the one from Batman Returns. Same with the cave however the technology is up to date (wide screen LCD monitors instead of tube television monitors for the Batcomputer, etc).

You can forget about Two Face and the Riddler. Like I said this is no longer a "what would Tim Burton do" story. This is still taking place in his universe however I'm deciding on how it should be explored, what should be revealed (in Burton's universe) and who is next to terrorize Gotham. There is a villain that easily surpasses Dent and Riddler combined. He's a much better fit for Burton's universe, this villain is allowing me to take my creativity to an extreme whether it's the story or the art.

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