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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by alexnyc View Post
Yo guys hands down the best black actor that i think that could play and bring out all characteristics of BP would be michael jai white. I'm surprise that no one here even mention him, i mean i like him in spawn it was a pretty good move for me don't know about anybody else. But um right now i feel that if marvel is gonna do this movie MJW is the man!. The guy is big and homo ok? lol He's a martial art expert and he can beat the **** out of anyone. And that's what BP needs to show in order to be a good solo movie. Forget chestnut, though he's a good actor he got nothing on MJW. Snipes would be my 2nd choice but right now homie got some serious financial problems. I know hollywood don't wanna hear that **** and use someone like him right now for this movie......just saying.
Originally Posted by Steve Holt View Post
MJW is more of a Blade actor. Hard to take him serioously as an actor (do like him though), if they made a retro Luke Cage movie then sure, but i don't see him as a monarch.

A young Hemsworth type is what they should look for, and fill the movie with the actor that should had been BP but are too old.
Chiwetel Ejofor - T'Chaka (in flash backs 40's/50's/60's)
Djimon Honsou - S'yan (modern/90's/80's)

someone like Chadwick Boseman (42, the movie not his age) or Tongayi Chirisa (Crusoe)
Originally Posted by OnTheAir View Post
We agree with Michael Jai White. Yes, he's ripped, yes, he's a martial artist...but I don't think he's that good of an actor. Certainly not good enough to carry such an important role. Like you, I like the guy. But this isn't Spawn. This is Black Panther: the first (and in my opinion, the most important) Black superhero. Marvel needs to get this right. We've spent page after page in this thread going over why this movie should or should not be made...who will or will not go see it...why it will or will not be a success. All of this debate and conversation tells me that whatever the outcome, IF they are going to do it, then they need to do it right. Every detail, from script to choice of director to locations to casting to marketing needs to be perfect. Yes, that can be said about any film, but we've already gone over (and over and over) why this film would be unique, and somewhat challenging, as opposed to the other MCU releases.

That said, the choice of the lead actor is crucial. And MJW just doesn't come across as the regal T'Challa to me. Not to mention that he is 45. I don't know why that bugs me here, when Mark Ruffalo being 45, RDJ and Don Cheadle being 48 and Jeremy Renner being 42 doesn't (even though I don't like Renner in the role of Hawkeye, his age isn't the reason). I just think a 45 year old MJW is too old for T'Challa (coupled with my other reservations about him).

Where we disagree is on Chiwetel Ejiofor. At 35 (36 in another month or so), I don't think he's too old to play T'Challa.

Since his age appears to be your only reservation, I'm sure we DO agree on everything else: he has the talent (Shakespearean actor), martial arts background and the pedigree (son of Nigerian parents) to make the perfect Black Panther.

But, if they want to go younger, Chadwick Boseman works for me as plan B.
Originally Posted by alexnyc View Post
Btw age is just a number dude and who cares if MJW is 45 most men these days who are in their 40's look and are in better shape then these young cats that swear they got it going on.
Well, I acknowledged that I don't have any legitimate reasons to be concerned about MJW's age, particularly given the age of some of the other actors playing Marvel heroes. However, my contention with MJW isn't solely based on his age. My greater issue is that I don't think he's a very good actor, particularly when compared to some of the other names that have been brought up for the role. I mean, he's ah-ight, and I do like the brotha (enjoyed him as Gambol in TDK, in particular)...but, personally, I don't like him for T'Challa. At all.

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