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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Um, I actually kinda think Bane's death was totally awesome.
The abrupt, anticlimactic way it happens, and makes you process for a few seconds what just happened, has that uncanny, nightmarish vibe to it - just as his general screen presence in the rest of the movie.

In a way it seems fitting for his exit to be as strange and creepy as his sudden appearences throughout the movie - like the way he just stands there when Dagget "speaks of the devil", or suddenly appears on the rooftop; or materializes onto the sewer footbridge while the camera isn't looking.
And now he speaks that final line of his, with a strange intonation that suggests a comma at the end of the sentence as if it's supposed to go on somehow, and then all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, he's... gone.

It's just so ****ing cool.
The fact that Catwoman shoots him or whatever, is of secondary importance - and come on, did anyone really expect whatever "themes" or "ideologies" Bane stood for to be resolved and explored in any meaningful arc/manner at the end? The movie's too much of a mess in general for anything like that to have happened

I don't really mind the Scarecrow, either - the "pathetic" exit in BB never felt like an "ending" to his character in the first place, and obviously didn't end up being one either.
But then whatever original cool plans they had for him in TDKR apparently got scrapped and replaced with Murphy effectively playing a completely different character in two amusing cameo scenes.
"Aborted arc" much more than "disappointing ending" if you ask me.

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