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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Yeah they do matter. And the central cast gives us eyes into their world. Upper class(Bruce, Talia,
Bruce Wayne deals exclusively with his demons and pains in this movie. Things that aren't class distinctive. He does lose his money, but him being taken to prison sometime after it negates the need for any exploration on that area.

Talia was too much of an enigma in the narrative to explore anything of the class variety. What was hinted at is moot because she turned out to be a villain anyway.

Indeed, we see him dabbling in senseless rich conglomerate debauchery, supplying Bane and bullying Selina. But if this is the only glimpse of the rich's influence we see in this movie (Wayne wasn't rich when he saved the city, remember), then that doesn't speak to well to the range of this film's depth.

Middle(Blake, Gordon, Foley)
Blake's arc, Gordon's struggles, Foley's idiocy and ambition weren't class distinctive.

Lower (Selina, Holly,
Beyond the simple fact that she was from poverty, her actual struggles in the film weren't class distinctive. A rich woman or a middle class woman could conceivably be a criminal looking for a clean slate as well. The movie misses ample opportunity to explore Selina and her social context in the second act siege by her being almost absent.

the Orphanage)
Having two lines about kids aging out and doing odd jobs in noble, but it simply isn't enough.

But you missed the point I was trying to make. Bale stated the film is about consequences. I am saying that Truth takes a large thematic part in the film as well. As the trilogy progresses, the people of Gotham become more aggressive as a consequence of Batman's actions.
Perhaps certain minorities become more aggressive (the impoverished mob), but the rest, as far as I saw, bent their assess and took every last inch Bane and Talia shoved in them. I somehow don't see the TDK Gothamites being as submissive to the League's sadist assaults.

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