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Default Re: Anyone had a crush on Catwoman growing up?

Originally Posted by Lex Luthor View Post
Back in '89, when Batman was still in theaters, I remember watching the 1960's show on syndication on a nightly basis, along with my parents buying me a copy of Batman The Movie. And as much as I liked Julie Newmar, my initial Catwoman crush would definately go to Lee Meriwether.

I also distinctly remember being pleasantly surprised when I saw that Lee had appeared on a few episodes of the tv series as well. Just not in the Catwoman role of course.

Then in '92 I was watching E!'s Coming Attractions show, saw Michelle Pfeiffer in the role for the first time .... and not surprisingly, another Catwoman crush had started.
Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
Catwoman helped me grow up -- from Returns, Adrianne Barbeau's voice in the animated series, the Jim Balent comics (even Frank Miller's version from Year One). Yup, Catwoman and not ashamed one bit.

I was also in love with Babs Gordon as Batgirl and even more so after she became Oracle. Now there's a redhead to kill for.
Adrienne Barbeau's voice was seductive on Batman TAS no doubt.

Who else thought she looked hot in both blonde and brunette versions on TAS? I did when i was 11 when the show first aired as i noticed Selina looks like Michelle Pfeifer then when i read the Batman Adventures comics she decided to go back black as she found out the hair dye was animal made and then that's when i noticed her hair went black, sure it's short black but when i was 17 when i saw her with the black hair i didn't care as i thought she looked like Natassia Kinski with a bigger rack and i even fantasized about her when i saw that Cult of the Cat episode where she wore that lingerie.

Michelle has always been one of my boyhood crushes since i saw Ladyhawke in theaters when i was little. My jaw was dropped when i saw BR in theaters and she was hypnotic no doubt.

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