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Default Re: 20thCenturyFox's Future Spin-offs and Solo Movies

Deadpool- If they stick to the script this will be a great and very different take on comic films. The film will have a strong following regardless due to the humor, style, in jokes and graphic violence. Not really anything like it out there comic flick wise.

Gambit- A film about the Thieves guild could be cool and give a different feel to the X movies. Hire a writer who knows about heist flicks and they could probably come up with some fun stuff. Maybe have him meet or join the X-Men at the end.

X-Force or Uncanny X-Force- A Cable or Wolverine lead team would be awesome depending were the franchise is post DOFP. I feel the Uncanny X-Force line up would get the most attention due to it's roster and being the best reviewed modern X-Story, but I would like to see Cable's crew as well.

FC follow up- I don't think a Cyclops solo is really required since essentially he's always with the main X-men team and is their leader. He should be leading the team no matter what by the next film. But I would really like to see his origins with Jean and his family explored in a First Class follow up with Sinister as the Villain as well. The 80s FC team can have a strong line up and the decade should be alot of fun.

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