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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Realism in the context of these films means gritty, dark, tragic and relatable not realism in tech and physics. What ruined the Iron Man franchise is money. They came out of nowhere and by the tons. People changed (Robert Downey), prespectives changed. If they cared about delivering a good story with style in IM people would not have been so confused and angry with IM3 (which i like, quite a bit). Kenneth Brannagh tried to do pretty much what Iron Man did, a good story, with great characters but in a relatable way. Like he said he viewed Thor as a Shakespearean drama but no, people or fanboys bashed the **** out of him. A reason why The Avengers was such a succes both commercilly and as a movie in general is because it had no plot ! NONE ! Zippo !! Just one liners, action, colour and awesome comic book characters.

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